Guide To Holiday Giving: 2015 Trends In Gifting

This holiday season, one of the biggest trends in gifting is giving more experience-driven presents.

  1. SUBSCRIBER BOX Subscription box services have to be one of the greatest present trends we have seen. A box filled with sample-size surprises shows up each month to offer a curated collection of new things to try.
  2. IMPROMPTU TRIP Spontaneously buy tickets or gas up for a drive to a warmer place! It doesn’t have to be an exotic locale, just spending time together on an adventure is a gift for both of you. Beach trip, anyone?
  3. AN EXPERIENCE Dress up and treat your best friend to high tea at a swanky hotel! Or put together all the ingredients you need to make cookies or tortilla soup and then spend the afternoon making it in the kitchen with your friends or family.
  4. GO GADGET Show your family you care by giving them a wearable workout tracker. The new craze has them coming in all sorts of fun colors. Or try another big tech gift this holiday – a wifi plug-in for your TV. It allows any TV to become a streaming machine!


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Every year, the holiday season brings with it a frenzy of gift-buying as shoppers tirelessly search for the perfect presents for their loved ones.

2016 BIGGEST TOYS? It’s the year of the force! The Star Wars craze has begun, with your kids craving everything (toys, posters, etc.) tied to the new movie. Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle has tons of cool features like rear and bottom storage bays and spring-loaded shooters. Frozen fans won’t be surprised that Elsa is still trending and this year it’s the singing Elsa doll. Now, for the ultimate 2015 gift for your tots –your kids can get on the “smart watch” trend with the Kidizoom Smartwatch, which costs just a fraction of the iWatch but still has tons of cool features!

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