Party Planner: Perfect Party Hostesss

Whether it’s with innovative food presentations like chocolate truffles delicately presented under glass, filling vases with sparkling ornaments or amping up the heat with a boozy hot chocolate bar, there are so many creative entertainment ideas to incorporate this holiday season!


Party Planner: Fabulous Party Favors

After the meal is planned and the decorations are set, the only things left are the party favors. To perfect your hostess game, you know that memorable party favors are a must-have. It’s important to impress your guests even as they walk out the door!

  1. Get bubbly! Give a fun set of bubbles in a classy, fun bottle. Try handing these out before the ball drops on NYE instead of confetti.
    $12.07 – Champagne Bubbles
  2. Give your party guests something that is both handy and fabulous. This flamingo-shaped bottle opener is an unforgettable party favor for an equally unforgettable party.
    $2.90 – Flamingo Bottle Opener
  3. If you’re looking for a themed holiday party, these honor badges are a fun touch! They give an interactive and glamorous, spin to the party. $20.00 – Letterpress Honor Badge
  4. Top off the evening by saying thanks for coming with these gorgeous wine stoppers. From intriguing amethyst to a beautiful rose quartz, your guests will have trouble trying to top that! $36.00 – Wine Stoppers
  5. This is not your average box of chocolates! Treat your friends and family to the finer things in life with true chocolate craftsmanship. Since they are Lindt’s Petits Desserts, each small morsel is a bite-sized piece of perfection. – Lindt Boxes of Chocolates
  6. Go boho with these colorful and trendy agate coasters. Made from volcanic rock, these ultra-cool pieces are so beautiful they could double as centerpieces. $15.00 – Agate Coasters


Party Planner: The Virtual Invite

The holidays come with a flurry of envelopes and holiday cards, but more and more we are seeing less and less of these when it comes to party invites. As you give-in to the temptation to plan a fete or two of your own, try going virtual when it comes to inviting people to the party. Thanks to the digital invite, you can answer FAQ and guests can get all the info they need, anytime they need – all with the click of a button.

FACEBOOK INVITE The social media network offers up an events section that makes putting a party together a snap. Sending an invite to a Facebook event is the easy, no-fuss way to plan a party. Simply create an event, name it, add any important details, and then send the invites to your friends. One of the best features? People can upload and share their party pics for everyone to see.

EVITE This online invitation service lets you design your own online invitation by customizing fonts and colors in their pre-made template. Guests can easily RSVP, plus you can send reminders or share any party details as the festivities approach.

DIY INVITE For those truly one-of-a-kind parties, simply create your own invitation in Photoshop or use a design program. Canva ( is one that comes with invitation examples you can copy or use to build your own. Then just download and send to everyone on your guest list.


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