Call This Hotline For Your Emergency Turkey Questions

Cooking a holiday feast is a tall order and getting your turkey just right can seem impossible next to all the other things on your to-do list. Never fear! Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line is here to help.

Roast turkey

Womensforum had a chance to speak with the co-director of the Turkey Talk Line Nicole Johnson, who gave us a little insight on the wacky questions they receive each year.

“We’ve heard everything from someone who wants to thaw their turkey in a jacuzzi, they want to do it in the dishwasher cycle, they want to hang it on a clothesline, which is perhaps not the best method…”

Johnson went on to explain how no matter how you plan on preparing your seasonal bird, Butterball has heard it all. From deep-frying to slow cooking to grilling it up, Turkey Talk can walk you through whatever steps you’ll need to take. is also a great resource for learning about turkey preparation. They have tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions, and even a live chat feature where you can reach a Turkey Talk professional at all hours of the day!


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