10 Holiday Scents to Boost Your Well-Being

Don’t think that a smell is just a fragrance. Pumpkin, cinnamon and pine don’t just make your home smell wonderful, they can also actually provide fantastic health benefits and improve your well-being. Feeling stressed? Smell some apples. Need some motivation? Sniff peppermint! Try these other fall and winter scents to boost your happiness.

Autumn Scents to Sniff

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Vanilla: Vanilla can actually help you get to sleep. It will ease your stress, anxiety and brings out any sweet memories you have of baked goods; maybe of your mom whipping up something yummy during Christmas as a kid.

Sandalwood: It’s earthy and sweet and can make your skin heal faster! Take a whiff and your skin will heal faster.

Apples: The smell of apples can actually calm you down so much it can lower your blood pressure. Green apples can ease migraine pain!


Pumpkin: Believe it or not, sniffing a pumpkin pie can actually stimulate arousal!

Orange: Skip coffee for boosted energy; just smell some oranges! The zesty citrus smell can boost alertness and energy.

Winter Scents to Sniff

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Cinnamon: Enjoy the smell of cinnamon to ease frustration and anger. It can even make people more generous, which is perfect for the holidays!

Cedarwood: Smelling cedarwood can improve your concentration, cognitive ability and energy.

Pine: Pine always brings cheer during the holidays but it can actually decrease anxiety. Smell a little pine during your holiday stress!

Peppermint: Peppermint helps your brain and your breath! It improves concentration and gives you more motivation.

Nutmeg: This spice is considered an aphrodisiac and can relax your muscles. It’s also been used to ease anxiety and depression.


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