3 Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Get your table holiday-ready by crafting some gorgeous Christmas centerpieces perfect for your next holiday bash. You’ll want to make a statement but not go too crazy with fake snowmen and Santas. Here are three simple yet eye-catching Christmas centerpieces that take just minutes to create and are fairly inexpensive; you can even get much of the supplies at your local dollar store!

Faux Presents Centerpiece


I love dressing up Christmas presents with ribbons, candies, bows and everything else I can get my hands on. But, people just rip them open and all is forgotten. Well, by making your own faux presents, you can show off your wrapping skills! It’s super easy and makes a great centerpiece.

  1. Wrap different empty sized boxes with different wrapping paper.
  2. Add bows, ribbons and tie candies into the bows. My candies are actually fake too- they’re Styrofoam cut into candy-like shapes wrapped in plastic wrap that look like peppermints!
  3. Place your packages in the center of the table and accent it with faux snowflakes.

Christmas Village Centerpiece


I bought my Christmas village at the dollar store and then added snowmen, a Santa and Christmas trees to give it a whimsical look. Kids especially love this centerpiece.

  1. Layout your Christmas village and add some Christmas trees to the background. I used a couple glittery silver ones, a red and silver glittery one and a green glittery one that has a few ornaments.
  2. Set a mini snowman in the center and on each side add a larger snowman and a Santa!

Reindeer in the Snow Centerpiece


This centerpiece makes the perfect statement and it’s very minimalist but still adds a ton of Christmas cheer. All you need is some faux snowflakes, a couple reindeer and large pillar candle holders.

  1. Set the reindeer next to each other in the center of the table and add a touch of Christmas foliage.
  2. Lay down some glittery snowflakes and behind the scene, add two large pillar candle holders. Mine are silver mercury glass pillars that I made myself.

Photo Credit: April Schallau


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