7 Festive DIY Ideas for the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, that means holiday parties with festive DIY decorations. Whether you’re decorating for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s, check out these suggestions on fun ideas for DIY décor.

Getting Festive with Mason Jars

The versitility of mason jars is what makes them so attractive for DIY decorations. Try making your own snowglobe, apothecary or candle holder. By adding a homemade touch with the scents, colors and items you selected, others will wonder where you acquired your DIY décor.

Bringing the Jingle In


The holidays would mean nothing without a few jingle bells. To get festive, place them around your house in areas where the bells will get jingled. This includes door frames, tied around drawers and right next to the mistletoe.

Building A Holiday Wreath

One of the best parts about the holidays are the wreaths. Feel free to pick up a fresh wreath from your favorite store and redesign it with your favorite DIY accessories! From those jingle bells and snowflakes we mentioned to pine cones, sparkly string, and even mini-ornaments – your wreath can really kick off the holiday DIY fun!

Homemade Snowman


Create your own snowman by by filling a large white sock with tissue paper or other fabric and tie off three separate sections. Decorate the snow man anyway you like; with buttons, permanent markers, glitter glue or beads.


Woman cutting paper into snowflake designs

A classic accent to your DIY decorations and even food designs, snowflakes bring a touch of lightness to all holiday décor. Use white vanilla frosting on gingerbread cookies for a tasty snowflake treat! To design them, find a stencil design online or freehand one of your own. Hang up the snowflakes all around your house and welcome the holidays.

Tree Decorations


Children Decoration Holiday Cookies

If you have children, encourage them to help create decorations for your tree. This could mean anything from designing their own ornaments with popsicle sticks, candy or string. Some suggestions include a picture frame, a manger and of course a snowflake.

Getting Festive with Food

Popcorn Christmas streamer, close-up

Snowflakes aren’t the only theme you can use for food. String your tree up with popcorn, make place holders out of candy canes, or go classic with your own gingerbread house. Whatever you do, make sure it tastes sweet!


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