DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s always fun buying Christmas decorations like snowmen, Santas,  lights, ornaments and other cute trinkets to fill your home during the holiday season, but making your own decorations can be all the more enjoyable!

These DIY Christmas decoration ideas will give you plenty to do when the weather gets cold out! Try them out and make your home the picturesque holiday home you’ve always dreamed of!  making your home look like a picture from a magazine.

Christmas Decorations Must-Haves

There are some must-haves for decorating your home for Christmas, and there are a couple things you can put your own spin on.

A couple must-haves:


  • CHRISTMAS TREE: A tree or two is a must, with presents underneath of course!  If it’s a smaller tree for a table or centerpiece, make miniature presents using small cardboard boxes, Tic Tac containers, or even Altoid containers. Wrap them with gift wrap and tie a small bow.
  • SANTA: Big or small, it doesn’t matter! Santas all around the house are must!
  • SNOWMEN: You can always find snowmen with the cutest faces to add to your décor.  Thrift stores and second-hand shops have alot of holiday decor that is inexpensive and yet, still trendy!
  • LIGHTS: Pretty lights always add to the ambiance of your home during the season. Line them around windows and along door frames.
  • WREATHS: Wreaths, especially with your creative touch, are perfect for doors and windows. There are many ideas for these and other Christmas decorations on our Pinterest page. Check them out!
  • TABLES: Especially with guests coming over, decorate your tables with your creative holiday spirit.  Add ornaments or trinkets as centerpieces.
  • TRINKETS: We all have our favorite Christmas trinkets we love to put out. Trinkets are a must for furniture, tables, and on the walls.

DIY Christmas Decorationsdiy-christmas-decoration-ideas2

    • PINECONES: Use pinecones to make your own wreaths or centerpieces.  Glue them onto a foam circle or ring using hot glue or super glue. Line the remaining foam with pretty ribbons, bows, and bells.
    • PAPER SNOWFLAKES: Get your kids involved in this one! Make snowflake cutouts with paper.

    • CANDY CANES: Use candy canes to design your own wreaths, centerpieces, or hang them on the tree.
    • CANDLES: You can get some big candleholders and fill the jars with peppermint sticks, berries, or even ribbons.
    • STOCKINGS: You and your family together can make your own custom stockings.
    • FRUIT: Use fruit to add style to your decorations by using colorful fruit and sugared fruit. Red and green apples are both inexpensive and good to eat!
    • GINGERBREAD HOUSE: Decorating gingerbread houses are a perfect DIY decoration. Get everyone involved in creating these yummy houses!


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