DIY Holiday Decorations

Decorate your home for the holidays with these do-it-yourself decorations that are reasonably priced, fun to make, and festive!

The holidays can be the most expensive time of year. Between gifts, traveling to visit family, and the cost of preparing a big meal, your budget can be stretched to its limit. Often, this leaves little left over for decorating, but many of us want to decorate our homes to reflect the season.

We have created a list of some inexpensive and do-it-yourself holiday decorations that will not stretch your time or your wallet. The result is beautiful decorations that cost a fraction of the price you see in stores. Even better, creating these decorations can be time spent with family or friends.

Box of christmas ornaments

Box of christmas ornaments

DIY Ornament Shadow Box

You will only need two supplies and one of the best parts about this craft is that you choose the colors. You can coordinate the craft with the color scheme in your home.

You Will Need

  •  1 shadow box
  •  1 package of ornament balls


Once you have your box and ornaments, place the ornament balls in the shadow box. Once the shadow box is full and you like the arrangement you created you are done.

You can hang the shadow box on the wall, or place it on a table. If you choose to display the shadow box on a table you can add candles and other holiday décor to make a statement.

DIY Christmas Wreath

Many of us want a beautiful wreath to hang on our doors, it’s a representation of the holidays. The problem with this is that wreaths can be quite expensive. However, you can buy a plain wreath at your local craft store, and a few other supplies to create a stunning wreath.

You Will Need

  •  1 basic holiday wreath
  •  1 box of ornament balls
  •  Wire

Once you have your supplies ready, place the ornament balls on the wreath, organizing them where you like. Where you place them is about what you want your wreath to look like. Once you are happy with the arrangement you have created take the wire and wrap it through the loop on the top of the ornament ball. Then, take the other end of the wire and wrap around the wreath on the inside. Once all of the ornament balls are secured you are done and have a beautiful wreath.

The best part about this do-it-yourself wreath is that you choose the colors you want based on the ornament balls you pick. Whether it’s blue, pink, or traditional gold and red, you will have a holiday wreath that is inexpensive and reflects your personality.

These holiday decorating ideas are easy and inexpensive, a sure way to decorate your home, stay within your budget, and have fun while doing it. Organizing a get together with friends and family to make these holiday crafts is a way to enjoy the process even more and spend times with the ones we love, which is what the holidays is all about.




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