Holiday DIY: Ornament Wreath

Although it may appear difficult and time consuming, creating an ornament wreath is a fun and simple DIY activity for the holidays. Put on some Christmas carols and sail away to your happy place. Here’s what you need for DIY holiday ornament wreath.

Materials Needed for Christmas Wreath:

  • 18-inch evergreen wreath (found at any craft store)Bauble wreath on door and 'snow'
  • 80 large and medium-sized metallic (silver, gold, and white gold) and white bulb (pearl) ornaments
  • 50 mini-sized metallic bulb ornaments
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
  • Holiday cheer (hehe)


  1. Remove all hardware from the bulbs.
  2. Flip the wreath over on its back side.
  3. Glue the medium-sized ornaments around the inner edge of the wreath with the back or opening of the ornaments facing you, alternating between two colors.
  4. Once the inner edge is covered, do the same to the outer edge of the wreath using large bulbs.
  5. Let dry for a few minutes to set glue.
  6. Flip over the wreath and glue bulbs in your own random pattern. Make sure the bulbs sit as close together as possible, covering any visible gaps with the mini ornaments. Once the wreath is covered, let the glue set.
  7. Once dry, thread a thick ribbon (gold or silver) through the metal frame at the top of the wreath. Tie it in a bow.
  8. Hang in place of your choice.

Things to Keep in Mind

These metallic bulbs look great on a wreath because they’re not typically seen, but you can use whichever colors you like. Get more bulbs than you need. You can always use the leftover bulbs on your tree or on mini-wreaths, or can even return them to the store. You’re going to use a whole lot of glue. Don’t worry, you won’t see it. You can also spray paint the wreath before adding the ornaments so that it matches the ornaments so there’s a smaller chance of seeing any green.


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