Motorola Moto E (LTE)

If you are shopping for a smartphone that does a little bit of everything, then the Motorola Moto E is the phone for you. With an amazing 4.5” qHD display, fast quad-core processing power, 4G LTE speeds and the Android™ OS this powerhouse lets you browse the Web, snap pictures and stream video. Thanks to being Mobile Hotspot compatible on the Cricket network, it also means doing all of that when you want, where you want.Moto_Graphic



Moto_ScreenThis is one phone that can go anywhere you want to go. The Motorola Moto E is not a shrinking violet in the smartphone world. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass it is not easy to crack or scratch the screen and even has a splash-proof design.


Moto_BatteryWho needs a phone just for calling? The Motorola Moto E’s quad-core processing power and 4G LTE speeds mean this smartphone can surf the net or play a video without any delays. Thanks to the all-day battery Motorola Moto E owners don’t often have to stop for recharging.


Let’s face it, what smartphone would be complete without dual cameras. There is a front-facing camera for video chatting or snapping selfies and a 5MP rear-facing camera for capturing pictures or even shooting HD videos.


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