Thanksgiving Kids’ Crafts

It’s the holiday season and with it comes the fun of creating holiday decorations.

Thanksgiving offers a ton of options for kid’s crafts. They’ll love to participate in the creative process and parents will treasure these mementos for years to come. there are quite a few to suggest.
So what are some of these fun crafts that will cost nearly nothing and last a lifetime?

1. Thanksgiving Hand Painting

turkey3Materials Needed: You will need brown paint and multi-colored paints.

Directions: Have the child get paint on their entire hand and on white construction paper have them press down so that the thumb is the turkey’s head and the fingers are the feathers. After they have the brown turkey and it dries let them paint over the feathers in the other colors to add to the look. They can add the eyes and anything else they want to as well. After it dries, write their name under it for them.If you want you can ask them to tell you what their holiday thanks are for and write that for them as well.

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2. Pumpkin P380739c676193cb9d90f4e346c8a72e8atch

For older kids get pumpkins and let them draw the holiday design they want on it and then paint it in multiple colors. It is not suggested that any kids’ crafts include slicing or cutting while your kids are young, but if they are a bit older and you can supervise, you can also let them carve the pumpkin for the table and add a candle to make a nice centerpiece.

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3. Pine Cone Turkey


Thanksgiving crafts are almost always centered on the turkey so the pine cone is fun too.

Materials Needed: Get a pine cone, an acorn, glue and some colored paper.

Directions: Using the pine cone as the turkey body, add the acorn and the head of the turkey. Let the kids cut out the colored paper in the shape of the feathers and add it to the pine cone.

It really does not matter what preschoolers thanksgiving crafts or kids thanksgiving craft you pick, they won’t care. What is more important is the time you spend together and the talking you do to explain what Thanksgiving is, why it is important and also a bit about what you are all thankful for. The conversation and bonding is considerably more memorable than the craft that might be made in any given year.

Happy crafting!


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