The Naughtiest Elf On The Shelf Moments

Not everyone loves the sweet side of Elf On The Shelf. The internet is proof of that! We have collected a few of the elf’s less noble after hours activity. So fo you who grow weary of Buddy we give you this naughty side of Santa’s little helper.

Hanging With The Ladies


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As we discovered, Barbies and Elves can be quite fun together. The duo has been spotted performing Holiday-themed karaoke or literally hanging from the ceiling.

Hanging With The Ladies


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An Elf needs some fun after all of that reporting to Santa. By fun, these elves can mean a lot of different things like enjoying some sun, showing their “spirit” and dancing their hearts out!

Caught In The Act


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When they are not busy watching the kids, these elves can get into trouble. Elves have been found everywhere from grabbing midnight snacks, to a life of crime and even, gulp, on the knives!

Just Like In The Movies


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Some Elves can be a little dramatic. It appears that a certain set have gotten into trouble with some sci-fi figures, while others prefer the finer things in life like a certain Italian “fragile” leg lamp.


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