ZTE SonataTM 2 (4G)

Affordability, meet fun. The ZTE Sonata™ 2 is a budget-friendly gift that brings the party to this smartphone at a fraction of the cost. Buying a smartphone from Cricket means giving the gift of a nationwide network that reaches 98% of Americans.




Any party people on your gift list will appreciate the scratch-resistant Dragontrail™ glass. This unique feature on the ZTE Sonata™ 2 protects the phone’s screen while providing a clear, easy-to-read display.



Go ahead. Pick your favorite playlist, for your listening pleasure because the ZTE Sonata™ 2 comes with SRS TruMedia™ surround sound. The smartphone sound system delivers enhanced bass and vocals through headphones or the built-in speakers.



Enjoy taking photos? The smartphone has a 5MP rear-facing camera that produces sharp, high-resolution images, along with a 2MP front-facing camera. The integrated selfie feature lets you snap a picture using voice or auto-selfie modes to go hands-free to get the perfect picture.


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