How to Reuse Holiday Leftovers

Have more leftovers from Christmas than you know what to do with? Reuse your leftovers for different dishes such as nachos, appetizers or soups!

You probably brought a ton of food home this holiday season and instead of just re-eating the same meal again, become a master of reusing leftovers!

Here are some awesome ideas for reusing your Thanksgiving stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, or your Christmas ham, desserts and more…

Thanksgiving nachos: Use stuffing, tortilla, chips, cheese, turkey, peppers, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and anything else you can get your hands on from Thanksgiving. Build your nachos, bake and enjoy!

Christmas ham or Thanksgiving turkey mac and cheese: Make your favorite bowl of mac and cheese and throw in some cubed home or chunks of turkey for a hearty meal.

Veggie omelet: Use the leftover veggies from Thanksgiving or Christmas and make a yummy omelet.

Mashed potatoes for flour: Freeze your leftover mashed potatoes and use in place of flour for your cooking and baking needs. Make some homemade bread and use a cup of mashed potatoes along with your flour.

Ham for soups: Make a quick soup using your leftover Christmas ham. Add chopped potatoes, green beans, water, ham and salt and pepper and simmer for an hour or two.

Stuffing for appetizers: Use stuffing to stuff mushroom puffs or eggplant for an awesome twist on a classic appetizer.

Cranberry sauce: Cranberry sauce is perfect to use as glaze for pork, chicken or beef. Or add it to your waffles or throw it into your smoothies! You could also make a peanut butter and cranberry sauce sandwich for your kid’s lunches.

Christmas candy canes and dessert: Freeze your peppermint candies or chocolates from Christmas and crumble up for a yummy addition to your hot cocoa or sundaes.


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