Holiday Emotional Eating

Many of us go into the holidays with one thought and one thought alone; how do we avoid holiday weight gain? We all know that we pack on the pounds as we enjoy our festive holiday dinners and partake in those holiday parties. It is very difficult to have healthy holiday eating habits but you will thank yourself in January if you just follow a few simple rules.

Holiday Emotional Eating Pitfalls


Face it; you are going to want to eat those holiday cakes, dinners, pies and sweets. There are some things you can’t avoid and eating is one of them. Many times it is stress that causes us to eat and holiday emotional eating is a primary contributor to why so many of us eat so much. The holidays are not only joyful and festive, holiday stress is alive and well and kicking us in the stomach every day. So, we eat.

It is not easy to reduce holiday stress; in many cases you can only try to control it by understanding what it is and why it is. But you can control holiday binge eating and holiday binge drinking. Both of these will contribute to unhealthy holiday eating habits that will cause you to not only feel well but also will contribute to that holiday weight gain that so many of us are trying to avoid.

When you are finding the need to eat because you are worried about something take the time to understand what the holiday stress might be and decide what you are going to do about it. Think twice before picking up that second piece of holiday pie. Set goals for what you want to eat and what you don’t. If you are going to a holiday party, decide how much you are going to drink and stick to it. Holiday eggnog puts on as much weight as three pieces of some pies.

How to Deal with Holiday Eating

Holiday emotional eating happens to all of us but we can deal with it if we choose to. Make sure there are plenty of fruits, nuts and vegetables on those holiday party trays that you put

together for your guests.When you go to another’s house, fill up on the healthy holiday foodsHolidayEatingInfo like the vegetables, nuts, fruits and grains.Choose to limit the amount you put on your plate and don’t go for seconds.If you are still hungry drink some water.

While you are in the midst of that holiday eating make sure you limit the between meals noshing.When you are stressed and haveall those holiday chores in front of you there is a tendency to grab a holiday cookie here and a piece of pie there, maybe a handful of nuts somewhere else and some chocolate someplace else as you go through your day.You have to try to stick with healthy holiday eating habits throughout your day.

The more stress you are feeling the more you might tend to eat.Many of us fall back on that and we know that the stress holidays brings is some of the highest of the year for many of us.Try to stick to getting your healthy foods as well as the right amount of sleep and if you can a bit of exercise (maybe a walk around the block to clear your head on a cold invigorating night?).You have to take care of yourself during the holidays so commit yourself to it.

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