Is Black Friday Just a USA Tradition?

black-friday-infographic-2-resized-600While it might sound sinister, the name ‘Black Friday’ comes from the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving, where the retail industry’s bottom line goes from being in the red to in the black.

Black Friday marks the start of the extraordinary holiday shopping season.The pre-Christmas sales season opener is the hottest shopping day of the year for most stores and the post Thanksgiving Day sales have become a staple for retailers.

Black Friday Retailers like Sears and Best Buy really cash in on the fact that everyone loves a bargain and open as early as five am. They have been known to also offer the first 200 shoppers a $10 reward or other gifts and coupons for arriving so early! The fabulous bargains mean lots of savings on both small and large ticket items.

With a little clever planning and forethought in regard to the type of purchases you wish to make, Black Friday is the perfect time to find those fabulous bargains that make sales and bargain shopping so enjoyable.

After a busy day of fighting your way through the crowds to the checkout area to finalize your purchases meet up for lunch and compare your best bargain deals this coming Black Friday USA tradition.

It’s certainly no wonder that retailers instantly get out of the red and directly into the black. Shoppers spend as much as $20 billion in one solitary day on gifts for the Christmas season.

Just how do you get the best out of Black Friday’s great shopping deals? Keep in mind that thousands of people are intending to also take advantage of the bargains of this one and only shopping day. Check your local advertising flyers, collect coupons and make a list of those items you want to get a hold of first. And don’t forget to get up early to beat the Black Friday shopping crowds!

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