Mensch On A Bench

Let’s just say, the Mensch On A Bench has been everywhere! We’ve spotted him all over, from fishing out of a fish bowl to even on TV on Shark Tank. And yes, we’ve even spotted him on a bench.

This new holiday tradition comes from a successful Kickstarter campaign that appeared on the hit television show, Shark Tank. After some exposure, the Mensch became a hit!


Mensch On Bench

For those not familiar with the saying, a Mensch is a Yiddish word for an honorable person or in American dialogue, “a stand-up guy.” The Mensch in focus is Moshe and he is similar to the other holiday tradition, The Elf On A Shelf, where he comes with a book and travels everywhere! In his story, the book follows Moshe who educates the readers about the eight rules to follow during Hanukkah.

Just like with The Elf On A Shelf, this Mensch On A Bench can be bought and used by anyone. “The product is designed for young Jewish families,” the Mensch On A Bench creators Neal and Erin Hoffman said on their Kickstarter page, “but is a great introduction to Hanukkah for those not of the Jewish faith.”

Here are some of the places the Mensch on A Bench has visited, all captured by some equally great mensches. We can’t wait to play dreidel with him!

mensch snow angel

mensch sunbathing

mensch fishing

mensch bench fire

Mensch minionAll Photos Via Instagram/TheMenschOnABench



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