Move over Buddy, It’s Mensch On A Bench

Let’s just say, the Mensch On A Bench has been everywhere! We’ve spotted him all over, from fishing out of a fish bowl to even on TV on Shark Tank. And yes, we’ve even spotted him on a bench.

This new holiday tradition comes from a successful Kickstarter campaign that appeared on the hit television show, Shark Tank. After some exposure, the Mensch became a hit!


For those not familiar with the saying, a Mensch is a Yiddish word for an honorable person or in American dialogue, “a stand-up guy.”

The Mensch in focus is Moshe and he is similar to the other holiday tradition, Elf On A Shelf, where he comes with a book and travels everywhere!

In the Mensch’s story, the book follows Moshe who educates the readers about the eight rules to follow during Hanukkah.

17157-snow-angel-menschJust like with Elf On A Shelf, Mensch On A Bench can be bought and used by anyone.

“The product is designed for young Jewish families,” say Mensch On A Bench creators Neal and Erin Hoffman, “but it is a great introduction to Hanukkah for those not of the Jewish faith.”

Here are some of the places the Mensch on A Bench has visited, all captured by some equally great mensches. We can’t wait to play dreidel with him!

17157-smore-mensch 17157-fishing-mensch

All Photos Via Instagram/TheMenschOnABench


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